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AR automatic backwash filters

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AR automatic backwash filters

  • Product introduction
  • Working principle
  • Technical advantages
  • Application area
  • Specification parameter

AR Series is a new generation self-cleaning filter independently designed by Shanghai JCI with our own intellectual property. It is designed with integrated multiple aperture-type filter screens in the inner part. When the filter screens are blocked the unique back-flushing turning arm will clean the filter screens one by one. As a high-end self-cleaning filter AR Filter is designed for the customers mainly concerning product quality and high reliability using the world's top quality key components (such as filter screens motor self-cleaning control system etc.) .
The AR filter has the outstanding advantages of distinguishing common screens type self-cleaning filter. AR filter has the precision range being 30-2000 microns. It utilizes extremely rugged V-shaped wadge net filter screen with high surface gap accuracy. Stand- alone machine has very large filter area fine filtration on low surface flow rate. Single filter super large flow rate is 8000m3/h. Owning very high reliability it can be competent for the worse water quality such as oily sludge-like impurities soft viscous impurities high impurity content a small amount of hair and fibrous impurities.

AR filters can remove all kinds of solid particles of impurities from water and low viscosity liquids (such as seawater machined cooling water) to meet liquid cleanliness requirements of the system operation and the next process. It can also be used to protect the downstream key equipment from particle clogging wear or scaling to improve its operation efficiency and life. AR filters can be fully automated online continuous filtration reducing shutdown cost maintenance cost and human cost. It is an advanced solution for the water and water-based liquid filtration.

Filter structure and main components

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Filtering process

Liquid flows into the filter via the inlet and then flows through the internal surface of filter screen and goes out from the outlet. Impurities are intercepted on the inner surface of the filter screen and the filter cake slowly accumulates which leads to gradually pressure drop increasing between the inlet and outlet. The flux of the filter screen becomes lower.

Back-flushing process

When it reaches the preset pressure drop or time the self-cleaning program is triggered. The gear motor drives the back-flushing turning arm aiming at one filter screen. The upper end of the screen is sealed and the lower end is connected to the cleaning nozzle. And then the cleaning valve opens and connect the screen and discharging pipe. The differential pressure between the filter element’ s outside and discharging nozzle will make the filtrate back-flush the filter screen filter cake dislodged and be purged downward into the sewage pipe.

Positioning device

Positioning disc and cleaning turning arm are installed on the shaft driven by the gear motor. Each positioning hole on the disc matches each screen and cleaning arm is corresponding to one hole. When one hole reaches the channel of positioning sensor the sensor output the signal to stop the gear motor. The cleaning arm has aimed at one element at the same time. The cleaning

valve opens for several seconds till the element is cleaned. Then the gear motor continues rotating. When the next hole on disc reaches the sensor channel the gear motor will stop and the next screen is cleaned.

For more product information please consult technical engineerTel:15216604123

■ Automated consecutive online filtration without flow interruption during back-washing reducing downtime and maintenance cost;
■ The filter screens own accurate filtration with high efficiency back-washing and high strength structure; service life of more than 10 years;
■ Pulse back washing; open the discharging valve after aligning the filter element; high strength back washing good effect time-consuming saving water;
■ Both ends of the filter screens are flooded increasing the flux of filter cartridge; the water free flow can delay the surface blockage to avoid blocking at the one end of the filter;
■ Compact design large flux dramatically save the installation space and construction costs;
■ Highly integrated without a large number of automatic valves connectors seals high reliability low operating costs;
■ High reliability of automatic control system; intuitive interface easy to operate efficiently according to the actual working conditions. 

Mesh 300 200 150 120 100 75 60 50 40 35 30 25 20 10 7
Micron 50 75 100 125 150 200 250 300 375 500 600 750 1000 1500 2000

For more product information please consult technical engineerTel:15216604123

■ Applicable fluid types: Water cooling liquid edible oil paint resin adhesive ink pigment polymer kerosene citric acid fermentation broth protein soap sorbitol wet-end additive rubber ethanol chocolate candy high-temperature oil fruit juice and diesel etc.
■ Typical application fields: Oil sludge impurities gels microfibers.
■ Filtration effect: Constant-value screening removing large particles purifying fluid and protecting key equipment
■ Filtration type: Mechanical online scraping filtration

For more product information please consult technical engineerTel:15216604123
Model No.  AR300/ AR400 /AR500/ AR600/AR700/AR800 /AR900/AR1000
Applicable liquid  Water and low viscous liquids(?40cps); impurity level?300ppm
Lowest working DP Differential pressure between the outlet and discharging line >0.15MPa
Filter precision   50-2000μm
Design pressure  0.6/1.0/1.6/2.0MPa(Higher pressure can be customized.)
Design temperature   0-95℃
Single filtering area  0.45m2-14.40m2
Cleaning Pressure  0.05-0.1MPa
Control system Parallel control of differential pressure and time
DP indicator Differential pressure transmitter or differential pressure switch
Gear motor  Three-phase power 380V protection grade IP55; Turbine worm reducer
Inlet and outlet size 2"-24"
Connection Standard  Flange HG20592-2009(Standard) HG20615-2009( ANSI B16.5 Compatible)
Filter elements  V-SLOT series slotted screen
Filter element material 316L/Super Duplex Stainless 2205/Ti2
Housing material  304/316L/CS special material available (such as 904L duplex S.S.)
Inner surface anti-corrosion coating Epoxy PA11 for CS Housing or special anti-corrosion requirement
Housing seal material  NBR Nitrile Rubber(Standard)/viton (FKM) fluoro rubber
Discharging valve  Pneumatic ball valve protective grade IP65
Facility supply  380V AC 0.4-0.6MPa Clean and dry compressed air

For more product information please consult technical engineerTel:15216604123

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