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High pressure stainless steel bag filter housing sus304

  • Product introduction
BT Filter is designed with filter bag that serves as the filter element. The filter bag is supported by metal mesh basket. BT Filter applies to precision filtration of fluid and removal of the micro amount of tiny impurities contained in fluid. It has distinct advantages such as concise structure swift and flexible operation and economical consumables. Matched with multiple kinds of high-performance filter bags it can fulfill a majority of requirements for precision filtration.

BT Filter is a kind of pressure-type filtration device which mainly consists of filtering cylinder roof cover quick-open device and supporting mesh basket etc. Fluid will flow in via the inlet and flow out via the outlet after being filtrated by the filter bag. As impurities are held up in the filter bag replacement of filter bag would be the only thing to do at the time of maintenance.

BTT series: single-bag top-entry filter applies to small flow rate and high-precision occasions.

The main advantage
1. Compact structure reasonable size. Simple to install and operate convenient small occupation.
2. High filtration accuracy for any fine particles or suspended matter Range from 0.5 to 1000 microns.
3. Unit filter area is large a smaller filtration resistance high filtration efficiency.
4. It can be used for coarse filtration medium filter or fine filter.
6. The liquid bag filter is free of cleaning convenient efficient and time-saving.
7. Various specifications are available: top-entry side-entry vertical horizontal multi-bags etc.

Application area

Applicable liquids: Extremely wide applicability scope; applicable to various fluids containing micro amount of impurities.
Main filtration function: Removing various sizes of particles purifying water and protecting key equipment.
Filter type: Filtration of particles; regular manual replacement of filter bag.

Sub-series BTT/BTS/BTF/BTM
Optional filter bag PP/PE/NO
Stand-alone traffic(?/h)  1-1000
Optional precision(u m)  0.5-1250
Number of stand-alone filter bags 1~24
Filtration area(㎡)  0.1-24
Shell material 304、316LCS
Applicable viscosity(cp)  1-20000
Design pressure(MPa) 0.6-1.0 other pressures can be customized



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