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Filter bag

  • Product introduction
Bag filtration has such distinct characteristics as economical filtering consumables lower filtration pressure and convenient replacement. It is applicable on most of the ordinary occasions of precision filtration. Filter bag is the core of BT Series bag filter. The quality of filter bag is directly decisive to filtration performance and the quality of final products. Shanghai JCI has used global top-quality base materials for filtration and optimized the proportioning.

All filter bags have been manufactured in clean production environment and put under strict quality control. High filtration performance and stable quality are two main characteristics of JCI filter bags. Choosing JCI filter bags means selecting the efficient and reliable filtration processing.

Main Categories

Depth filtration
The filtration layer is made up of fine fibers crisscrossed by a specific pattern suitable for intercepting fine solid particles and some soft impurities with obvious clarification effect and it is a disposable filter consumables. Deep space has a stronger dirt holding to meet the requirements of medium and low viscosity high-precision liquid filtration.

Mesh surface filtration
The filter layer is composed of a single woven smooth mesh. Surface openings are usually square holes suitable for interception of large hard particles.The particles larger than the filtration aperture can be intercepted and the particles smaller than the filter aperture can get through easily playing a role of the fixed value screening. The surface cake is easy to be removed and cleaned and the mesh can be reused for many times after cleaning.
Absolute efficiency depth filter bag
JCI Filter Bag is designed for absolute precision filtration and its filtration efficiency is up to 99%. The clarification filtration effect is excellent. The filtration performance is the same class as the expensive filter cartridge and its flow rate of single bag is 7-10 times higher than the 40-inch-length pleated cartridge. it is also very easy to installed and replaced.

Optimize the gradient filter layer with pre-filtration function with higher dirty holding capacity and filter media consumption saving.
Filter Bag is made of 100% FDA grade polypropylene without any silicone oil adhesives or other releasing composition which may pollute the liquid. The gradient filter layers includes melt-blown polypropylene pre-filtering layer multi-layer composite polypropylene filtration membranes the external protection layer. It is very good at filtering very small particles and even soft impurities such as colloforms and organics.
The enough depth space can trap soft impurities in filtration fibers. On the contrary soft impurities will paste on the surface of conventional filter elements easily and reduce the filter element service life. And some impurities extrude through the filtration layer and cause filtration failure. The filtration area is 0.5m2 and optional filter media is PB.

Filtration characteristics of filter bags
PP polypropylene /PE polyester needle felt filter material (Code PP PE)
Filter material for depth filtration is suitable for precision filtration with the nominal precision level. It can remove small solid particles play a certain role in clarifying. Featured large capacity of dirt holding the disposable filter material.
The surface is improved by the advanced calendaring and singeing technology treatment which is smooth and flat to avoid the fiber shedding.
PP polypropylene: used in liquid filtration of chemical industry with excellent acid and alkali resistance; filtration precision range 0.5-200μm; working temperature ? 90 °C.
PE polyester: The most commonly used filter fiber with good resistance to chemicals filtration precision range 0.5-200μm; working temperature ? 150 °C.

PB polypropylene composite absolute precision filter material
Depth filtration material is suitable for precision filtration with absolute accuracy level with precision range of 1-25μm. Filter layer is composed of optimal mix of multiplayer superfine melt blown fiber and fine filtration membrane which is able to filter tiny particles. Its filtration efficiency is up to 99%.

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