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Filter element

  • Product introduction
Filter cartridge has distinct characteristics such as high filtration precision high efficiency and large pollutant-holding capacity. It is applicable on various special filtration occasions with high precision high pollutant-holding capacity degerming high temperature and high pressure etc. As the core of CT Cartridge Filter which directly decides filtration performance and the quality of final products.

Through using global top-quality base materials for filtration and optimizing the proportioning Shanghai JCI has developed filter cartridges with different filtering traits. All filter cartridges have been manufactured in clean production environment and put under strict quality control. With high filtration performance and stable quality they can fully meet customers’ demands for precision filtration. 

Main Categories
Large flow cartridge
It is designed for the application of high-precision high impurity content and large flow filtration with outstanding advantages such as high-precision large flow and high dirt holding capacity precision range is 1-70μm. The filter cartridge is designed from the inside out flow and the intercepted impurities are collected inside of the filter. No need to clean the filter after replacement.
Polypropylene structure hot-melt welding 6-inch large diameter folding structure over-sized filtration area thereby increasing the flow and the amount of dirt holding and reducing the quantity of the filter cartridge to saves labor cost for changing; the volume reduces 30-40%.
Gradient filtration with a pre-filtration function multi-stage interception of different sizes of impurities significantly increases the amount of dirt holding and service life. This kind of filter cartridge is especially suitable for matching work with CTM series filters.

1. Inside to outside flow direction impurities collected inside.
2. 6-inch diameter pleated high flow rate high dirty loading capacity.
3. Absolute filtration at 99% efficiency heat-melt welding.
4. Gradient multi-layer structure with pre-filtering function.

Melt-blow filter cartridge
Three-dimensional micropore is formed by thermal bonding of the fused polypropylene/polyester fiber. The aperture/pore size becomes gradually fine with outside-in gradient distribution. Precision range is 1-50μm. It can intercept different sizes of impurities with high porosity low filtration resistance long life cost economy good prefiltration and large amount of filtering for conventional nominal precision.
1. Large fibrillation area better pressure resistance.
2. No chemical pollutant releasing no bubbles while filtering.
3. No media shedding and the aperture changing with pressure.
4. Micro-porous with low resistance.
5. Gradient structure with large amount of dirt holding capacity.
6. Long service life.

Pleated filter cartridge
The filtration layer is composed of PTFE film and diversion layer and the filtration precision range is 0.1-0.45μm. The filter cartridge has excellent chemical compatibility oxidation resistance and good high-temperature resistance widely used in the fields such as strong corrosion fine filtration high-end degerming etc.
1. Wide applicability; excellent chemical compatibility and oxidation resistance.
2. Combining with hot-melt process no adhesives contained in the pollutants.
3. Large flux; high interception rate.
4. Compliance with FDA bio-safety standards.
5. The product passes 100% integrity testing before delivery.
6. Meet the requirements of pharmaceutical and food industry.

Wire-wound filter cartridge
It is made by ultra-fine fiber bundles precisely wound in a porous skeleton as specific techniques. Adopting intense inside and relaxed outside structure is used to make the deep filtration excellent. Precision range is 1-50μm with excellent pre-filtration effect cost economy and large amount of filtering for conventional nominal precision.
1. Wire-wound deep filtration structure.
2. Material polypropylene degreasing cotton and glass fiber are optional.
3. Deep filtration strong dirt holding ability long service life.
4. Adopting intense inside and relaxed outside coiling with good pre-filtration effect.

Sintered metal filter cartridge
Sintered metal filter cartridge is vacuum sintered with several optimal stainless steel mesh layers. Its rating ranges from 5μm to 200μm. It has features of precise filtration rating heavy duty high thermostability being easy to clean and regenerate low consumption cost thus is particularly suitable for applications of high temperature strong solvents and high pressure.
1. Multi-layer sintered optimal combination heavy duty
2. Excellent permeability low pressure drop
3. Easy to clean and back-flushing
4. No fiber dropping high thermostability and chemical resistance

Titanium rod filtration cartridge
It is made of ultra-fine metal powder through high temperature winding. Precision range is 0.5-20μm. Featured uniform porosity and high open-cell ratio it can be cleaned and reused especially suitable for filtration in high temperature strong solvent and high pressure. material Titanium or 316L is optional.

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