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Quality Control
Quality Control
Fully implement ISO9001-2015 quality management system and follow industry design standards

Quality is the most important brand promise of Jiucheng to customers. We believe that quality is closely related to the interests of customers, and the reliability and safety of the filtration system are related to the safety of downstream production and the stability and efficiency of the process system. Through continuous investment in quality management, delivering high-quality, efficient, safe and stable filtration products to customers is our proud mission.
Quality is an important cornerstone of Jiucheng's sustainable growth and recognition in the global market. Committed to strict quality control and continuous improvement is one of Jiucheng's main business goals. Our quality management covers many aspects from supplier management, raw material control, manufacturing process control, finished product inspection to continuous improvement.

Design Standards:

CJ/T 3068-1997 polymer sintered microporous tubular filterGB/T

14295-2008 air filter

GB/T 14382-2008 Three-pass filter for pipeline

GB/T 17486-2006 hydraulic filter

HG/T 21637-1991 chemical pipeline filter

HG/T 4085-2009 pressure type fiber bundle filter

JB/T 7538-1994 Basket filter for pipeline

SY/T 0523-2008 Oilfield water treatment filter

HG-T 20570.22-1995 pipe filter

JB-T 9044-1999 high gradient magnetic filter

JB/T 10410-2004 Industrial water automatic backwash filter

Control Means:

1. Production environment

The filter element is produced, equipped with a 100,000-level purification space, and adopts a fully enclosed dust-free workshop working mode to strictly guarantee the product quality and meet the cleanliness requirements.
The factory fully implements 5S management.


2. Raw material control

Strict supplier management. From the source of raw materials, carefully select each component as an important part of quality control. The raw materials for all key components come from well-known domestic or foreign suppliers.
Raw material chemical performance testing-spectrum analysis to verify the chemical performance of materials; (spectrometer)
Raw material physical performance testing-tensile, bending, impact testing; (universal testing machine, impact testing machine)
Internal defect detection of raw materials-ultrasonic detection; (ultrasonic detector)
Dimension inspection-carefully measure the size of each component, ultrasonic thickness inspection, to ensure that it meets the size requirements. (Vernier caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, ultrasonic thickness detector)
Magnetic field strength test-test the magnetic field strength to meet the design requirements to ensure the effect of iron removal. (Gauss meter)
Precision detection of metal filter-to ensure filtering effect. (Filter average pore size analyzer, high-resolution optical microscope)
Warehouse sub-regional management-qualified area, to-be-inspected area, unqualified area, do not allow any problematic parts to be mixed in, to ensure that only qualified parts enter the next manufacturing process.


3. Process control

Complete process control system. Detailed process control systems are used from design and development to product inspection, measurement and non-conforming products. Each order corresponds to a quality control process diagram and engineering table, and each production link is controlled by procedures to ensure the quality of the final product. For specific projects, the project quality plan approved by the owner shall be equipped, including the inspection and test plan.
Assembly process inspection: infrared horizontal and vertical detector
Non-destructive testing: RT-ray flaw detection, to detect internal defects in the weld, to ensure the strength of the equipment. PT penetration testing uses capillary phenomena to detect surface defects such as pinholes and cracks that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. UT ultrasonic testing; MT magnetic particle testing.

Welding Assembling Pressure Test Packing

4. Finished product inspection

Hydraulic test-strength verification, adjustment of stress distribution state (hydraulic testing machine, pressure gauge)
Fatigue test-fatigue test of high pressure filter
Surface roughness detection-to ensure compliance with the sanitary requirements of the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry (roughness detector)
Surface coating detection-coating film thickness detection, electric spark detection. Ensure that the final thickness meets the design requirements of the drawing. (Film thickness meter, electric spark tester)
Control system function debugging-test the control system function is normal, the instrument is normal, and meet the customer's design requirements
Bubble point test-completeness test of the finished filter element.
Filter effect test-laser particle counter
Filtration performance test-a comprehensive performance test machine for flow, pressure, sewage and filtration effect.

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