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Tel:+86.21 51097921/51090930
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Factory address: 368 Qinggao Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

Company profile

Shanghai Jiucheng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiucheng) is a design and manufacturing company in the field of filtration industry. The company specializes in automatic and intelligent filtration, especially in the field of self-cleaning filtration.

We provide standard filtration products and professional technical services for many large international companies and enterprises in various industries. We can design filtration systems in strict accordance with international and domestic industry standards and customer process requirements to deliver products with quality assurance.

We have a large number of R & D and technical talents who focus on the filtration business. Engineers are strictly controlled from design, production and inspection to the products. Our manufacturing spirit of quality, service awareness and detailism permeates every aspect of the enterprise. Through scientific and standardized management, we have established a service tracking file for each product sold to ensure that each product is of high quality, safety and reliability.

Our products are used in many fields such as petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, food and beverage, environmental protection water treatment, paper industry, medical electronics, automobile industry, metal processing, etc., and can meet the requirements of different industries and different filtration conditions.

Jiucheng is a professional company operating globally. After many years of development, it has many R & D, management and manufacturing centers around the world, and its marketing and service network are all over the world. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, has two production bases in Kunshan, Jiangsu and Taiwan, and has agents in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar. In the future, Jiucheng will serve the global automatic filtration system and industrial purification filtration products worldwide.

Corporate values: Customers are the service object, quality is the requirement, integrity is the brand, and service is our solemn commitment to each customer.


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