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Self cleaning filtration equipment

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Self cleaning filtration equipment


Jiucheng Industrial Technology (Haian) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiucheng) is a manufacturer dedicated to the research and development of fluid filtration equipment. Since its establishment, Jiucheng has continuously developed and improved its equipment in order to provide customers with a better filtration experience. On the one hand, it has improved the performance of traditional filtration equipment and increased the level of equipment automation. On the other hand, it has researched and created Jiucheng's own "new" self-cleaning filter, exploring the development direction of self-cleaning filtration equipment to meet the working conditions of different customers. Now, Jiucheng's self-cleaning filtration equipment has realized stable operation on the filtration conditions of silicone oil, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, thickener, PA lotion, ABS, polyester polyol, polyether polyol, polyurethane, acrylic acid, styrene butadiene latex, nitrile butadiene latex, C9 resin, polyacrylamide, phenolic resin, degradable plastics, starch slurry and other materials. Breaking the limitations of traditional manual filtration equipment on material technology, further improving filtration efficiency, reducing the dependence of on-site equipment operation on workers, and reducing the number of workshop process operators. At the same time, Jiucheng's self-cleaning filtration equipment is fully sealed for filtration, making the entire filtration process safer, odorless, and material splashing free. The workshop environment is more beautiful and more in line with the environmental protection needs of the enterprise, Moreover, the self-cleaning filtration equipment is fully controlled by PLC/DCS, reducing the impact of manual labor on process operations. The product quality is more stable and controllable, and the self-cleaning filter elements greatly save on consumables costs, avoiding the impact of filter element replacement on filtration efficiency. In addition to the above content, Jiucheng filtration equipment is constantly breaking the stereotype of self-cleaning filtration equipment and solving industry pain points. Under high temperature conditions, Jiucheng has achieved automated filtration of carbon nine resin with a working temperature of 260 degrees Celsius; In high viscosity conditions, sealant with a viscosity exceeding one million has been successfully conquered by Jiucheng; In terms of filtration area, Jiucheng can achieve larger equipment specifications, reducing the working conditions that other manufacturers need two to solve to one. At the same time, Jiucheng's self-cleaning filtration equipment not only breaks the limits of equipment parameters, but also solves the problem that has plagued the filtration industry for many years. In many working conditions, self-cleaning filtration equipment has always been in an awkward situation of only being able to discharge wet slag, which troubles the industry and customers. In order to solve the problems of customers, Jiucheng invested millions in research and development, and successfully achieved a breakthrough in draining wet slag to dry slag from PA lotion, polyacrylamide, styrene butadiene latex, nitrile rubber latex, petroleum resin, thickening agent, ABS and other materials, avoiding material waste and wet slag treatment caused by wet slag. The above shows only Jiucheng's technical strength, but Jiucheng also has exquisite product quality and service system. Jiucheng firmly believes that only by combining technology, quality, and service can we serve customers well and win their trust and praise.

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