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  • Pharmaceutical

    Application range: Recovery of active raw materials, catalysts, removal of activated carbon Filter medicinal syrup Plant extraction purification filtration Filter pH adjustment solution Pre-filtration of crystallization solution Benefit:

  • Electronic

    Application range: Filtered cooling water Remove impurities in copper foil electrolytic stabilization tank Pure water, ultra pure water filtration Filtration of chemical slurry Circulating filtration of wafer cutting and grinding wastewat

  • Metal processing
    Metal processing

    Application range: Lube Filtration Coolant circulation filtration Recycling of precious metals Filter workpiece phosphating solution, cleaning solution Filter anti-rust oil Ultra-fine kerosene filtration Removes trace oil from the cleanin

  • Auto industry
    Auto industry

    Application range: Degreasing, phosphating, cleaning liquid filtration Filter particles and trace oil in electrophoretic paint Protective filtration for ultrafiltration Filter metal paint, varnish, etc. Filter welding cooling water Engine

  • Fine Chemicals
    Fine Chemicals

    Application range: Filtration of acrylic resin and other raw materials Remove fibers and gels from coatings Filtration solvents Filter large particles in ink Filtration and grinding of substandard particles Remove agglomerated impurities

  • Food and drink
    Food and drink

    Application range: Intercepts activated carbon and filter aids Filtration of mixed oil and crude oil, polishing filtration of refined oil; security filtration before filling Various food production water, washing water filtration Filtrati

  • Water treatment
    Water treatment

    Application range: Filter out sediments such as sand and algae in raw water such as lake water, groundwater, seawater and reservoir water Pre-filter as a membrane separation system Filter air conditioning system and compressor circulating

  • Papermaking

    Application range: Filter various types of paper machine water such as clean water, high and low pressure spray water, water needle water Heat exchange water, white water, seal water, bearing cooling water, cooling tower water , High and

  • Petrochemical

    Application range: Oil well water injection filtration, process circulating water filtration, cooling water filtration Monomer and polymer production, amine-rich and lean amine recycling Filtration of lubricating oil, aviation coal and ot

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